How legitimate are the sources of your insights?

Introducing Fakt: the survey company leveraging validated participants to drive accurate insights.


Bad data could put your company at risk

When people fill out an online survey, it’s generally trusted that they are who they say they are; that their age and other core profile elements are correct. However, actually ensuring that these elements are true has been time-consuming and expensive—until now.

Fakt is changing the market research world by validating participants quickly and easily before they take surveys. With validation, organizations will know that who they are talking to is who they’re actually talking to. That means they can put more trust in their market research.

Fakt was created from the need for truth. Market research is used to guide billions of dollars in decision-making, using carefully-crafted personas and target audiences surveyed to predict needs and outcomes—yet few companies ensure the accuracy of these personas. Fakt can make this happen without taking a huge chunk out of your budget.

Is Susan from Colorado really Susan?

Susan could be from an entirely different country, taking surveys to make money as a side gig. If all audiences produced the same outcome, this wouldn’t matter. But if your market research depends on Susan’s location, for example, you’ll want to know you’re talking to Susan living in the United States.

37 %*

of survey takers said they were dishonest in their responses

Validation: A unique concept

37% is enough to cause anyone doing research to question the validity of their data outcome. To most market researchers, it’s enough to drastically reduce the value of that data. Fakt was created in order to increase the legitimacy of your research—we understand how important it is to be sure you know who you are talking to.*Fakt Surveys. (2021). Fakt Honesty Survey, 1,045 participants


Better-informed decisions start with better data

Anonymity on the internet leads to dishonesty. We see this displayed across the internet every day in different iterations. People are no different when it comes to taking surveys—if they know they’re anonymous there isn’t much reason for them to spend time giving honest answers.

We are the next generation of research

Fakt is part of the National Student Clearinghouse, meaning we have unparalleled access to its extensive and exclusive education data resources. By using enrollment data from colleges going back nearly 50 years, we are able to ensure our survey participants are who they claim to be.

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